Thursday, September 11, 2014

Howzit Funnies #3

The second book that I hope (!) to have at SPX is the third issue of "Howzit Funnies." Originally inspired by old blues songs, these comics feature silly puns and happy faces, as well as dark surrealism, psychological terror, physical mutilation and, for lack of a better word, grotesquerie. Issue #3 stars a diverse set of characters including Mr. Morris; Fat F*ck; a guy with candles jammed into his eyes; and several other happy characters who look forward to meeting you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Mutual Feeling #2

With SPX in just a few days, I'll be premiering two books. Well, I hope it will be two books, with fingers crossed as to the shipping of the second one.

I'll definitely have copies of "A Mutual Feeling #2", the second chapter of a story about bare knuckle boxing in 1850's New York City. This issue follows closely after the events of the first book, as John Lafferty, an Irish immigrant, looks to set up the big fight that will let him pay off his estranged wife, Molly.

In no particular order, this issue features: back room politicking; 18th century patriotic ballads; 19th century prosthetic limbs; child abuse; boxing; thuggery; butchery; fighting; hanging; burlap sacks; water; and one really big, fat ass.