Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some New Things in Other Places

I have a few things in a number of different places, on various projects ... First up, is the DC Conspiracy store. Rafer Roberts set up and is running a great little distro site for comics produced by the DC Conspiracy, a Washington, DC comic collective that I'm a part of. Take a minute to stroll through the offerings, because there's a lot of great, interesting (sometimes weird) stuff that you may be pleased to learn is existing ... THE DC CONSPIRACY STORE

Speaking of the DC Conspiracy ... we've put out another issue of our ongoing project, Magic Bullet. Magic Bullet #6 is the most recent iteration of our comic newspaper, under the new editorship of Carolyn Belefski. Not only has she helmed a super issue, but she was tireless in spearheading an advertising push that greatly helped bring this issue into fruition. Take a moment to see where / how you can get your hands on this awesome piece of independent comics goodness, and take a moment to peruse the advertisers who showed their support for such a venture. MAGIC BULLET #6

I also have a comic running over at The Appendix, an online journal of history. It's a great effort that's kicked off its inaugural edition, featuring experimental histories. There's a lot of really interesting articles, and they're often told in original ways. The editors are very supportive of comics as a medium, and there are several comics histories to look at, including mine. It's a really interesting venture, and if you're so inclined, please consider supporting it by placing a subscription. It's a steal for the price. THE APPENDIX

Finally, you can see the cover I did for the band Bel Argosy's EP, "The Wreck of the Bel Argosy. Bel Argosy is a New York City band, and the EP has gotten some great reviews. I might selfishly point out this particular one, because it mentions the artwork that I did, but a little search will show that many other folks have also been won over by the sounds. You can listen to the tracks and buy a super special physical EP at their website ... THE WRECK OF THE BEL ARGOSY

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